Thank you for visiting our website. The website was initially designed to accompany our Call for Papers for the 2020 PCA/ACA National Conference in Philadelphia.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the 2020 PCA/ACA annual conference has been canceled.  

The website now accompanies the 2021 PCA/ACA conference, to be held in Boston (March 31 – April 3, 2021). 

In 2020, the Joint National Conference of the Popular Culture Association and the American Culture Association would have, for the first time, included a subject area entitled Happiness and Culture, focusing on the relationship between happiness, as a universal human emotion, and (very broadly defined) popular culture.  Due to COVID-19, our topic will debut next year.

Put simply, our intention is to include the concept of happiness in the scholarly discussions of popular culture. Building on the research done by psychologists, neuroscientists, economists, etc., we will explore the role of popular culture and its institutions (including, but not limited to, beliefs, values, ideologies, popular arts, popular rituals, education, economic trends and attitudes, dominant scientific paradigms, social media, advertising, etc.) in constructing and popularizing different definitions, experiences, and/or theories of happiness. Conversely, we will explore the ways these different definitions and theories of happiness affect our behavior, our choices, our life outcomes, and our cultural production, as well as the tenor of the culture as a whole. 

To better understand the rich and complex relationship between happiness and popular culture, we are soliciting papers from people in a variety of academic and research fields.

We hope you will consider joining us.


Vida Penezic



Special Topic Happiness and Culture

Joint National Conference of the Popular Culture Association 

and the American Culture Association

April 15-18, 2020,  Philadelphia, PA

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